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  回家后不久,霍尔顿就生了场大病,又被送到一家疗养院里。出院后将被送到哪所学校,是全部后会想好好用功学习,霍尔顿对一切有些儿可是感兴趣。English:Holden is a hero students, came from affluent middle-class families. Although he is only 16 years old, but a higher than the common people, all day wearing a trench coat, wearing a cap, yo-yo sway reluctant to read. He was all the school - teachers, students, homework, game, etc., are all bored enough, once the school fencing team captain, three times has been expelled from school. Also one end of the semester, and he compounded five lessons in the four failed was expelled from school. He did not feel uncomfortable. And with the students in the room playing one, he left school at night, returned to New York City, but he dared not rush to go home. Late the same day moved into a small hotel. He saw in the hotel are some dubious individuals, there is a man dressed ladies, there is a mutual water spray, spray liquor men and women, their pleasure, self-conscious posturing to make Holden feel nausea and surprised. He was extremely bored, they go to nightclubs Si Hun for a while. Back to the hotel, when my heart still find it very tedious and boring, muddled Maurice agreed to lift work, so that he called a prostitute. A prostitute to his nervous fear, the final prices are set by speaking to the five money and sent her away.

  霍尔顿我你会再回家,可是想再念书了,决定去西部谋生,做另另另一个 又聋又哑的人,但他想在临走前再见妹妹一面,于是托人给她带去一张便条,约她到博物馆的艺术馆门边见面。过了约定时间好一阵,菲芘终于来了,另另另另一个 拖着一只装满当时人衣服的大箱子,她一定要跟哥哥一起西部。最后,因对妹妹劝说无效,霍尔顿只好放弃西部之行,带她去动物园和公园玩了一阵。菲芘骑上旋转木马,高兴起来。下起了倾盆大雨。霍尔顿任大雨把全身淋湿,坐在长椅上,看菲芘一圈圈转个不停,心里快乐极了,险些大叫大嚷起来,霍尔顿决定没办法 了走了。

After returning home soon, Holden gave birth to the field seriously ill, was again sent to a nursing home. Discharge will be sent to schools where it is not trying hard to learn well, not at all interested in Holden of all.

中文:主人公霍尔顿是个中学生,出身于富裕的中产阶级家庭。他虽非要16岁,但比常人高出一头,整日穿着风雨衣,戴着鸭舌帽,游游荡荡,不愿读书。他对学校里的一切——老师、同学、功课、球赛等等,有些腻烦透了,曾是学校击剑队队长,3次被学校开除。又另另另一个 学期时候开始了,他又因5门功课中4门不及格被校方开除。他丝毫不感到难受。在和同房间的同学打了一架后,他午夜一蹶不振 学校,回到纽约城,但他不敢贸然回家。当天午夜住进了一家小旅馆。他在旅馆里看到的全部后会些不三不四的人,有穿戴女装的女性,有相互喷水、喷酒的男女,我们我们我们都寻欢作乐,忸怩作态,使霍尔顿感到恶心和惊讶。他无聊之极,便去夜总会厮混了一阵。回旅馆时,心里仍真是十分懊丧,糊里糊涂答应电梯工毛里斯,我就叫来了另另另一个 妓女。妓女一到他又紧张害怕,最后按讲定的价格给了五块钱,把她打发走了。

The next day was Sunday, Holden wandering the streets, I met two sisters, has donated 10 yuan. Later, his girlfriend, Sally went to see a show, went ice-skating. Sally saw that fake love fake and just look like Holden is very gratification, both a noisy, sub-hands. Holden then went to see a movie alone, went to the bar and drink with an old classmate, drunk. He walked into the toilet, wash basin with cold head inserted into the flooding for a while, only to wake up. However, out of the bars was cold Fengyi Chui, and his hair was frozen. He thought of himself may be suffering from pneumonia and died, therefore, never meet again sister, phenanthrene and pyrene, and decided to venture back home and her goodbye.

Holden did not want to go home, do not want to go to school, and decided to go west to make a living, doing a deaf and dumb, but he wants to leave, goodbye to his sister the one hand, so he asked people to bring a note to her, about her to the door to meet the museum's Museum of Art. After a good appointment time for a while and finally came phenanthrene and pyrene, but dragging a large suitcase filled with his clothes, she will go with the western Yaogen brother. Finally, because of his little sister persuasion failed, Holden had to abandon the west of the line, took her to the zoo and parks to play for a while. Phenanthrene and pyrene carousel ride, cheer up. It began to rain cats and dogs. Holden appointed body heavy rain to get wet, sitting on the bench, watching phenanthrene and pyrene by a revolving circle, and my heart very happy, and almost yelling up, Holden decided not to run off.

  第两天 是星期天,霍尔顿上街游荡,遇见另另另一个 修女,捐了10块钱。时候他的女友萨丽去看到场戏,又去溜冰。看到萨丽那假情假义的样子,霍尔顿很不痛快,两人吵了一场,分了手。接着霍尔顿独自去看到场电影,又到酒吧里和另另另一个 老同学一起喝酒,喝得酩酊大醉。他走进厕所,把头伸进盥洗盆里用冷水浸了一阵,才清醒过来。另另另另一个 走出酒吧后,被冷风一吹,他的头发都结了冰。他想到当时人我知道我就怎么让患肺炎死去,永远见不着妹妹菲芘了,决定冒险回家和她诀别。

Holden secretly returned home, but fortunately parents went out to play. His wake-up phenanthrene and pyrene, to tell her own anguish and ideals. He told his little sister, and he will want to be a "Catcher in the Rye": "So a group of children in a large wheat field where play games. Thousands of tens of thousands of children, no one is around - no one Your honor, I mean - except me. I do, on the cliff edge that bastard. My job is to watch there, and if there are children to the edge of the precipice which Ben Lai, I'll catch him - I was said the children were in the mad rush and did not know where he was heading to run. I have to come out from where to catch them. I have all day to do such a thing. I just want to when a Catcher In The Rye. " Later, the parents returned, hid in the closet scared Holden. And other parents to the bedroom, he hurriedly slipped out of the house, to a respected teacher, he spend the night in the home. But sleep at night, he found that the teacher may be gay, so had to escape secretly to the station waiting room overnight.

  霍尔顿偷偷回到隔壁家,幸好父母都出去玩了。他叫醒菲芘,向她诉说了当时人的苦闷和理想。他对妹妹说,他将来要当一名“麦田里的守望者”:“有没办法 了一群小孩子在一大块麦田里做游戏。几千几万个小孩子,附近没办法 了另另另一个 人——没办法 了另另另一个 大人,我是说——除了我。我呢,就在那混帐的悬崖边。我的职务是在那儿守望,可是有哪个孩子往悬崖边奔来,我就把他捉住——我是说孩子们全部后会狂奔,也告诉我当时人是在往哪儿跑。我得从有有哪些出来,把我们我们我们都捉住。我整天就干另另另另一个 的事。我只想当个麦田里的守望者。”时候父母回来了,霍尔顿吓得躲进壁橱。等父母去卧室,他急忙溜出家门,到另另另一个 他尊敬的老师家中借宿。另另另另一个 睡到午夜,他发觉你什儿 老师有时候是个同性恋者,于是只好偷偷逃出来,到车站候车室过夜。



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